About Us

Karwane Muhammadi is a fast growing Travel and Tour Operator based in Pakistan. Our Company has established its reputation as a provider of multi-product travel services. Karwane Muhammadi is a Mirpurkhas based Travel & Tour operating company, offering local as well as international travel & tour services. We have a team of dedicated professionals, each contributing their optimum expertise to deliver and ensure complete satisfaction of our clients. Our highly experienced staff members are ready to serve you from the time you think to travel. We ensure you hassle free and comfortable travel at affordable price.

We offer a complete travel management, no matter either you are a large corporate client demanding custom travel services or an individual traveller, and you will always receive our professional and personal attention.

Our aim is to share our in-depth destination expertise and extensive travel industry
experience to tailor a holiday to match all interests and budgets. Our website is
designed to provide you with holiday ideas and destination information, so that you can make an informative decision about your holiday. We encourage you to call or email us if you would like to learn more about our destinations. Your questions will be dealt with by a member of our staff with expert, first hand destination knowledge.

We believe whatever we have achieved; its credit should be directed towards our clients. Karwane Muhammadi has expanded its services over the years, developed a skilled management team, workforce, and integrated sophisticated technologies in order to be an internationally competitive unit. Therefore, when many struggle to survive in world; we enjoy a healthy growth.

The motivation behind the establishment of Karwane Muhammadi was to provide First Class services to its customers for their travelling needs. Karwane Muhammadi aspires to become to provide our valued clients one stop solution for all of their travel needs including but not limited to travel & tourism, hospitality & accommodation, Umrah and Hajj.

Our mission is to meet the needs of our clients through technical excellence, competitive pricing and unmatched services based on strong business and professional ethics. We wish to establish long term relationships not only with corporate clients but also with each and every individual client by providing better and prompt services.

Government Licence Number

karwan e Muhammadi' Government licence number 3113.

IATA Licence Number: 27-317592

  • While all out efforts will be made to meet passenger requirements. Sometimes an alternate hotel or type of room may have to be offered and any rate differential will be settled accordingly.

  • All passengers should 100% return back, if passengers overstay or escape in the Kingdom, than any penalties levied by the Hajj Ministry Saudi Arabia will be charged to the parties.

  • Approval will remain valid till 07 days from the date of receiving from the Ministry of Hajj Saudi Arabia including holidays.